Student Application Form

Attention! Before submitting the application, please, read following information:
  • Make sure you are a member of ELSA. To obtain/check the ELSA membership, please, contact your local ELSA group. In case you do not know the local group, you can contact national ELSA group on the email which you can find on this link;
  • Fill in the form (including your CV and motivation letter) in English;
  • Abstain from applying for the traineeships taking place in your own country;
  • You can apply for up to 3 traineeships;
  • It is forbidden to contact the traineeship provider directly on your own prior to selection;
  • The applicant can be denied any further access to STEP in case the applicant intentionally or negligently provides false or inaccurate information stated in the application form;
  • Your application will be accepted only after it is checked by the VP STEP of your local ELSA group. Therefore, please contact the VP STEP of your local ELSA group before filling in the form and make sure your application is submitted and verified before the 7th of May, 2018.
STEP traineeships you want to apply for Please type in the code(s) of the STEP traineeship(s) you want to apply for in the order of your preference. You can find these codes next to the traineeships on our STEP Website.
Personal Information
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Contact Details
Person to contact in case of emergency
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Educational Background
  • Undergraduate: you have not yet received a first degree.
  • Graduate Bachelor or Graduate Master: you have been granted an academic degree or diploma, namely Bachelor or Master, depending on the educational system in your country. You can state graduate bachelor or graduate master also when you do not have the necessary degree at the time of applying but you are sure you will have it at the time of the traineeship.
  • Postgraduate PhD: you are continuing towards higher education, pursuing PhD.
Legal Skills

Please, fill in the fields below based on your skills’ self evaluation. You will need to justify the chosen skills and levels in your CV and Motivation letter by using the following levels’ interpretation:

  • G – general: you have completed an introductory course in the subject and have a general overview of the topics. You have knowledge in this field and are familiar with the topic;
  • A – advanced: you have a deeper knowledge in this topic, meaning that you have studied it for a longer period and done some extra activities on this subject, for example participated in some seminars or written your thesis on this topic (attended internships, essay competitions, moot courts or done some published research on the legal topic).
Please keep in mind that it is highly unlikely that a candidate can be advanced in every single legal subject and the fact that if he/she has succeeded in some legal topics with the highest grades in the respective country does not make it advanced. Also, the traineeship provider will not judge an application reliable, if a student claims to be advanced in every single legal subject.
Curriculum Vitae
Your CV must be in a PDF format.

If the traineeship provider requires additional documents, please upload them as an archive (.zip, .rar or .7z format).
Motivation Letters (Maximum 5000 characters)
General Terms of Participation & Privacy Policy
Important! If you filled in the Student Application Form correctly, a green box with thank you message will appear at the top of the window and you will also receive a confirmation email. Otherwise your Application was not submitted.