Holubova advokati participates in Elsa STEP programme for more than 5 years and each time we accept young students all around Europe. This programme is a chance not only for students to get legal experience and find future career path, but it’s also a fruitful experiment of cultural adaptation and widening network among lawyers. As we really appreciate diversity, among our interns were both EU students (Finland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Poland,…) and foreigners (Ukraine, Switzerland) . Our law firm sees STEP as an opportunity for young lawyers to challenge their legal skills, ability to work in international environment and capacity to rapidly learn in order to deliver legal advice. These kind of programmes are quite useful and provide both parties with mutual “/consideration/” as students or recent graduates will get the working experience which now is highly appreciated, and legal firms will have at their disposal young minds that are full of energy and creative potential, which definitely enriches the corporate environment. In respect of all aforementioned we highly recommend young lawyers to participate in selection procedures and encourage more law firms to get on board as traineeships providers. And in addition, it is fun!

Holubová Advokáti s.r.o.